The Things You Kiss Goodbye

In spite of her history of restrictive parenting, sixteen-year-old Bettina Vasilis finds herself beginning her junior year in a serious romantic relationship with high school basketball star, Brady Cullen. She has even won a spot on the cheerleading squad at his urging. But it is all a bad fit. For one thing, the adorable guy bouncing the orange ball becomes furtively abusive. One day, Bettina runs from him, and smack into someone incredible—a “Cowboy” who is kind, enticing, and completely forbidden. So begins a tricky walk on a tightrope of deception. When tragedy strikes, the wire snaps and Bettina has to reach out to her often-dismissive family and come to terms with who she really wants to be. 

“Connor keeps her story completely realistic, a welcome relief from standard-issue romances. Her fluid prose and convincing characterizations lift the story beyond the average. Clear-eyed and instructive.” ~ Kirkus (starred review)

“First-person narration brimming with emotion…Beautifully capturing the intensity of first love…” ~ Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“With compassion and respect, author Connor explores the ways in which loving relationships can get twisted into cycles of misery. Be ready with the hankies; this one is a real tearjerker." ~ Booklist

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