New book coming in January!

“Could I love a character more than I love Mason Buttle? Nope. Could this book have captured my heart any more? Impossible."
- Barbara O’Connor,
Author of How to Steal A Dog and Wish

“A book that breaks your heart and heals it – all in one. Mason’s story is brilliantly told. This is an astonishing book!”
- Kirby Larson,
author of Newbery Honor title, Hattie Big Sky and the Audacity Jones series.

“Mason’s astonishing voice will grab you from the first page, as he demonstrates how children with learning disabilities who “think outside the box” can find brilliant ways to survive bullying, be a good friend, and save their families.”
- Cammie McGovern,
author of Just My Luck and Chester and Gus

Truth as Told by Mason Buttle final art.jpg